DOHNS Part 2 February 2021 Confirmation of format and method of delivery

16 Dec 2020

DO-HNS Part 2 February 2021


The four Surgical Royal Colleges can confirm that, for the February 2021 DO-HNS Part 2 (OSCE):


  • The ‘written’ stations will be delivered as an online exam on 22 February 2021
  • The ‘clinical’ stations will be delivered in-person in a socially-distanced fashion between 24 and 25 February 2021 across three sites in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.


The format of the ‘written’ and ‘clinical’ components will be the same as the DO-HNS Part 2 delivered in October 2020, as previously announced to candidates (


Candidates will be contacted by the College at which they will sit the exam with information on the exact date they will be sitting the ‘clinical’ station component of the exam. As previously noted, this may be different to the College to which a candidate originally applied, so that candidates can sit at the centre nearest to them with sufficient capacity.


The cancellation of one exam centre will not cause the cancellation of the exam at other venues and other Colleges.


Candidates are encouraged to check and consider Government advice and to take all guidance into account when making travel and accommodation arrangements to attend an examination.

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